• VL marries pianist Lucilia Guimaraes.

"We were married on November 12, 1913.  I continued giving piano lessons and Villa-Lobos playing, during the days, at the Cafe Colombo and in the evenings at Assirio, a restaurant in the Teatro Municipal.  We remained living with my family in a house on the Rua Fonseca in the S. Cristovao district of the city." 

Guimaraes, Luiz (1972).  Villa-Lobos visto da plateia e na intimadade.  Rio de Janeiro: Grafica Editora Arte Moderna.  Quoted (and translated by) Eero Tarasti (1995). Heitor Villa-Lobos: The Life and Works, 1887-1959.  London: McFarland & Company.

  • Diaghilev's Ballets Russes (with star dancer Nijinsky) appears in Rio de Janeiro for the first time.
  • Villa-Lobos begins playing in the orchestra at the Theatro Municipal for opera performances:

"In Brazil, at one time or another, most of us played in small bands, and had to change from instrument to instrument when we were short-handed.  Usually I was 'cellist in the orchestra, but when we produced Strauss' 'Salome' in Rio de Janeiro I played interchangeably the 'cello and the third clarinet'.  "Hector Villa-Lobos: Visiting Brazilian Composer Discusses Sources of Nationalism in Art," Olin Downes, New York Times, Dec. 17, 1944


The World

  • Birth of Witold Lutoslawski, Benjamin Britten

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