• In Paris, living in a flat in Place St. Michel - see this post at Tumbling Villa-Lobos.  In August and September Villa returns to Brazil to conduct concerts.
  • In the fall he goes to Barcelona to conduct his music at a festival of Brazilian music.
  • “Villa-Lobos lived in Paris for a while, and in 1929 he even used my piano to demonstrate his compositions to Diaghilev, who, by the way, didn’t approve, believing that Lobos didn’t know what he wanted. Now the latter has gone into hiding somewhere in the wilds of his native Brazil.”
— Selected Letters of Sergei Prokofiev, p. 127 (to Boris Asafiev, April 9, 1932)


The World
  • Le Corbusier visits Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
  • Birth of Green Mansions star Audrey Hepburn [pictured with Villa-Lobos below in this 1959 photo]

VL + Hepburn in Hollywood, 1959

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