Forest of the Amazon = Floresta do Amazonas

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Forest of the Amazon = A Floresta do Amazonas

A suite of music arranged by Villa-Lobos from the music written for the film Green Mansions. See my article From Odeon to Green Mansions: Villa-Lobos at the Movies.

Though the whole suite, a symphonic poem for voice, male chorus & orchestra, is not that well known, it includes some amazing songs that have become quite popular as concert pieces, and in arrangements for a variety of instruments and styles.  The most popular is Melodia Sentimental.  Here's an interesting arrangement with Jessica Warren-Acosta, Avalon String Quartet (Blaise Magniere, Marie Wang, Anthony Devroye, Cheng-Hou Lee) and John Floeter, double bass.


Not to be confused with Dawn in the Tropical Forest = Alvorada na floresta tropical, an overture written in 1952.

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soprano solista e coro masculino
pic, 2fl, 2ob, c ing, 2cl(Bb), cl baixo, sax sop, sax alto, fg, cfg, 4cor, 4trp, 4trb, tuba, tímp, bombo, tam-tam, tom-tom, chocalhos (pequeno e grande), triângulo, pratos, reco-reco, pandeiro, coco (grave, médio e agudo), matraca, tambor indiano, caixa clara, sleigh bells, guizos, xil, cel, mar, vibe, hp, violão, solovox, pf e cordas


Villa-Lobos, Heitor, and Dora Vasconcellos. 1991. Songs of the tropical forest: from Forest of the Amazon. New York: Alkamar Music Publishers.


On 12/7/59, Villa-Lobos conducted the four songs from Forest of the Amazon at the Empire State Music Festival in Harriman State Park (Bear Mountain) in New York, with soprano Elinor Ross and the Symphony of the Air.  This was the composer's last concert before his death.

The first performance of the entire suite was on November 21, 1969.  Lucia Godoy was the soprano, and Mario Tavares conducted the Orchestra & Chorus of the Teatro Municipal, Rio de Janeiro.

As of January 2010, there were 15 records in the Villa-Lobos Concerts database.