O Martírio dos Insetos

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O Martírio dos Insetos = The Martyrdom of the Insects

  1. A cigarra no Inverno
  2. O Vagalume na Claridade
  3. Mariposa na luz 

Dedicated to Oscar Borgerth, Mariuccia Iacovino and Mario Caminha

The work was originally written for violin & orchestra (W213), and later adapted for violin & piano (W214).

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Violin & orchestra
Violin & piano


Martirio coverThe autograph scores (56 pp. and 20 pp.) are in the Museu Villa-Lobos.

A newly published score arranged by Ricardo Averbach, from Theodore Presser. You can buy the score from Sheetmusicplus.com or Amazon.com.


The third movement was first played on December 9, 1922, at the Teatro Municipal, with Paulina d'Ambrozio playing the violin, and the composer conducting. 

The premiere performance of the complete work had to wait until 1948 in Rio, with Oscar Borgerth playing the violin, and Leo Perachi conducting the Orquestra Sinfonica do Radio Nacional.

The US premiere of the work was February 19, 2011, with Daniel Guedes, violin, and Ricardo Averbach conducting the Miami University Symphony Orchestra.