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According to Appleby (1988), these songs were written for voice & piano in 1912 and 1917 (W056), and later orchestrated by the composer (W057).  But Villa-Lobos: Sua Obra (1989) has different composition dates, which are included below:

  1. Cromo no. 2 (1916) - words by B. Lopes
  2. A Viola (1916) - words by Silvio Romero
  3. Cromo no. 3 (1917) - words by Abilio Barreto
  4. Sonho (1917) - words by A. Guimarães
  5. Japonesa (1907) - words by Luiz Guimarães
  6. Sino da Aldeia (1916) - words by Antônio Correia de Oliveira

The song "Japonesas" was originally called "Gueixas" ("Geishas").  The song "Sino da aldeia" was originally published as op. 67.

"Cromo no. 2" and "A viola" were also arranged for voice and string quartet.

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Vocal Works

Voice & piano (W056)
Voice & orchestra (W057)