Thesis: Heitor Villa-Lobos : Missa São Sebastião e Bendita Sabedoria

Heitor Villa-Lobos : Missa São Sebastião e Bendita Sabedoria, um estudo para a interpretação. 2003. Biblioteca Digital da Unicamp.

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Abstract: Abstract: The two-fold purpose of this dissertation is: first to divulge Villa-Lobos a cappella choral music through the study of his two masterpieces: Missa São Sebastião and Bendita Sabedoria; second, to present a method for the study of choral music to be used by students and conductors. The work is divided into 3 chapters: 1. Preliminary Score Study; 2. Interpretive Score Study; 3. Rehearsal Preparation and Interpretative Considerations. In the Preliminary Score Study general aspects of the pieces are presented such as number of movements, voice extensions, text origin, approximate duration of each movement, amongst others. Thus, the conductor has basic data to help consider whether his ensemble is technically and musically able to perform the pieces. The Interpretive Score Study includes an introduction to each piece and the analyses of the various movements of the compositions focusing on: text, rhythm, melody, tonality/modality, harmony, texture, timbre, expression elements and formo The detailed examination of each voice, conducting gestures, rehearsal considerations and the overall conceiving of the pieces are also included in this chapter. Finally, in chapter 3, there is a discussion about technical aspects pointing to. performance difficulties, suggestions for expressive conducting beat-pattems and vocal technique exercises which will help the choir with the stylistic language used throughout the pieces. The study calls attention to the importance of score preparation before the leading of the first choir rehearsal by the conductor. There are important musical and technical aspects of the score that are only revealed through preliminary analysis and only through this procedure will he be better prepared for an effective rehearsal and moving performance. The study method here proposed can also be used to advantage for the preparation of Other musical compositions