Villa-Lobos at the TV Cultura Website

There are great resources available at the Villa-Lobos section of the TV Cultura website , undertaken during the run-up to the 50th Anniversary of Villa's death on November 17, 2009.

The site includes videos from TV Cultura programs from 2009 and in the past.  One of the highlights is this 2005 video of Cristina Ortiz performing Choros #11 with John Neschling conducting the OSESP.

There is also some really interesting streaming audio from a number of really interesting albums:

  • Villa-Lobos e os brinquedos de roda (a children's choir singing songs from the Guia pratico
  • Pianist Arthur Moreira Lima's 1981 album Dá licença...
  • Villa-Lobos works by cellist Antonio Meneses
  • Fala Villa-Lobos (Villa-Lobos speaks)