Allen Barton: II


Allen Barton, piano


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Allen Barton

From Allen Barton's website:

AB2 was recorded in 1998, based on my December 1997 recital program. It was a quick sequel to Debut Recital, and I was once again fortunate to have had so many supporters to help make it happen. AB2 was recorded once again at David Abell Fine Pianos by David Kreisberg, on that same Yamaha CF-IIIS 9-footer.

CHOPIN: Nocturne in C# minor KK IVa #16
CHOPIN: Nocturne in C minor Op. 48 #1
SCHUBERT: Impromptu in Eb major Op 90 #2
SCHUBERT: Impromptu in Ab minor Op 90 #4
RACHMANINOFF: Prelude in F# minor Op. 23 #1
RACHMANINOFF: Etude-tableau in Eb minor Op. 39 #5
SCRIABIN: Etude in C# minor Op. 2 #1
SCRIABIN: Etude in D# minor Op. 8 #12
DEBUSSY: Preludes, Book One: Girl with the Flaxen Hair
VILLA-LOBOS: Impressoes Seresteiras


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