Andre Kostelanetz plays Music of Villa-Lobos


Andre Kostalanetz conducting an un-named orchestra

Andre Kostalanetz, piano



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1974: Andre Kostelanetz's Magdalena Suite on LP

This disc probably sold well in 1974 - it's from Columbia, MQ 3281, and showcased the brand-new Quadrophonic technology on LP.

I remember this disc from those days.  I've never heard it in surround-sound mode.  By the way, I got this disc from the Scott Campbell LPs store on eBay - - an excellent source of older Villa-Lobos items.

Here are the illuminating notes on the disc (PDF format).  The stories by Robert Wright and George Forrest are fascinating.  I'm thinking that the only thing keeping this disc from being re-issued on CD would be the very short timings: 17 minutes for the suite, and 14 for side 2 (which contains Kostalanetz's orchestral version of BB#5 and the Modinha Preludio, along with Kostalanetz himself playing the first movement of BB#4.  I wonder if the technical requirements of early Quadrophonic discs limited the amount of music on each disc, or if Columbia was just being stingy.  At any rate, just over 30 minutes doesn't cut it in today's CD world.

Do Valle paintingThe album cover is one of my favourite Villa-Lobos covers.  The art is by Rosina Becker Do Valle, who was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1914, and who died in 2000.  She's listed in the National Museum of Women Artists as a "Naïve Artist" and homemaker.

The picture at the left is one of a number featured on the TNT - escitorio de arte site.  This is the description of the painting:

12 - ROSINA BECKER DO VALLE (1914 - 2000) Folia de Reis
Folclore Brasileiro - Óleo sobre tela - 62 x 50
ass. centro inferior 1972

Here's TNT's short bio of the artist, in Portuguese.

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Look for this LP on eBay. NEW: Thanks to Klassic Haus Restorations, this is now available on CD & MP3.