Multi-Media Piano Recital at the Royal College of Music

05/17/2013 - 13:00
UK: London
Work Performed: 

Charlton House, London, Charlton Road, London SE7 8RE, United Kingdom
Friday 17-May-13 13:00

Multi-Media Piano Recital
Royal College of Music presents Contemporary Pianist & Multimedia Performance Artist This program consists of six pieces of music. Three of them come from the nineteen-teens and three of them were composed this year. Along with multimedia, this concert focuses on presenting music which represents 6 different guiding forces of life. These six forces [Hate, Happiness, Fear, Love, Sorrow, and Hope] fall into two categories: Pain and Pleasure. It is pain and pleasure that determine every decision you and I ever make in our life, every belief and idea is filled with these two sensory experiences.

Callahan, John W. (b. 1991), Volande
Griffes, Charles T. (1884-1920), Piano Sonata
Rachmaninov, Sergei (1873-1943), Prelude in D major, Op.23 no.4
Hepplewhite, Russell (b. 1982), Hibernation and Habitat
Villa-Lobos, Heitor (1887-1959), Ibericaraba, Op.40
Park, Chorong (b. 1981), Unknown
Julian Toha, Piano

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