Semana de Arte Moderna1922


  • February 11-18: the Semana de Arte Moderna (Week of Modern Art) in Sao Paulo.  [Cover of catalog from the art exhibition from the Semana de Arte Moderna pictured to the right]
  • July: VL meets Artur Rubinstein again in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Following a debate in the Chamber of Deputies, on July 22, 1922 a sum of 40,000 cruzeiros was voted to enable Villa-Lobos to present concerts of his music."
  • Back in Sao Paulo, Villa-Lobos presented four concerts of his works, on November 11, and December 4, 9, and 15.  See this post at Tumbling Villa-Lobos.


The World

  • Neils Bohr wins his first Nobel Prize.
  • Henri Bergson writes Duration and Simultaneity.
  • Ulysses, by James Joyce, is published in Paris.
  • Birth of Jean-Pierre Rampal, Patrick Macnee, Jack Kerouac, Lukas Foss, Yma Sumac.
  • Death of Arthur Nikisch.

Here is a reproduction of the programme for the 2nd day of the Semana de Arte, in Sao Paulo's Theatro Municipal, on February 15,1922:

Programma, Feb. 15, 1922

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