Symphony #7; Sinfonietta (cpo)


Carl St. Clair conducts the SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra


cpo Symphony 7; Sinfonietta

Date Recorded: 

The penultimate release in the Symphony Integral Project of cpo.  The disc brings two unfamiliar pieces to a wider audience.

The 7th Symphony is from 1945, just after VL had finished the Bachianas Brasileiras series.  It's interesting to see Bachianas-type themes poured into more-or-less symphonic forms.  This is a big work, with important-sounding themes.

The first Sinfonietta, from 1916, is a neo-classical work which pays hommage to Mozart.  I don't believe Mozart's music really resonated with Villa-Lobos, but this is a really charming work.  It's closer in spirit to the first three string quartets (from 1915 and 1916) than to the blockbuster works of 1917, Amazonas and Uirapuru.

The Stuttgart orchestra, conductor Carl St. Clair, and cpo engineers bring it all off to great effect.  What it all means is still an open question.

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