Coral (David Sánchez)


David Sánchez, tenor saxophone

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Carlos Franzetti, conductor and arranger
Miguel Zenón, alto sax
Edsel Gomez, piano
John Benitez, Ben Street, bass
Adam Cruz, drums
Pernell Saturnino, percussion  


David Sanchez cover

Date Recorded: 

Sánchez uses the second movement Coral (Canto do Sertão) from Bachianas Brasileiras #4 as the theme for the title track of this Grammy Award-winning album.

1. Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar (Jobim)
2. Matita Perê (Jobim)
3. Vidala (Ginastera)
4. Coral (Villa-Lobos)
5. Panambi (Ginastera)
6. The Elements II (Sánchez)
7. Vexilla Regis (Franzetti)
8. Canción del Cañaveral (Sánchez)
bonus track (not on review copy) Archipelago 

Susan Kepecs quotes Sánchez in a recent article:

"I was thinking of [preeminent Brazilian composer Heitor] Villa-Lobos — his music is classical but if you listen carefully you hear Brazil. There're panderos in the woodwinds. The French horns sound like surdo [Brazilian bass] or repinique [samba drums]. Villa-Lobos' compositions reveal his experience of playing choro music in the streets.

"I thought I'd like to do that. I'd like to make a connection to the influences I take from the classical world. I'd like to do it with an orchestra. I wanted to play something by Villa-Lobos. I thought I'd put that on an album, drop in a couple of my own compositions and try a few works by Argentinian composer [Antonio Carlos] Jobim, who idolized Villa-Lobos."

Here is a video of a 2008 performance of Coral with Sánchez and his Quartet:

Bachianas Brasileiras
Chamber Music

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"What stands out most in the album's classy production, though, is Sánchez himself. He has found the precise point where Stan Getz meets John Coltrane; his delicious yet assertive tone conspires with melodic grace to give his solos poetry and power."

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