Brasiliana Brasiliana is a regular publication of the Academia Brasileira de Musica.
Brasiliana #3

Brasiliana #3 (September 1999) is a special issue focussing on Villa-Lobos. It includes this article on the Villa-Lobos Memories project:

In 1994, Ricardo Tacuchian, President of the Academia Brasileira de Música, taking up a suggestion made by Vasco Mariz, asked three connoisseurs of the life of Villa-Lobos, the academy’s patron, to interview any friends, relatives, or fellow workers of the composer who were still living in order to throw a light on several points of his life that were still obscure, particularly concerning his youth. The article is a summary of the commission’s report.

As well, there's this article by Maria Augusta Machado da Silva:

A series of short notes providing information on certain aspects of Villa-Lobos’s life: (1) the Andalusian origin of his family name; (2) the lack of any significant influence of Andalusian or even Spanish culture on his work, in spite of his roots; (3) biographical information on Villa-Lobos’s father, his first music teacher; (4) biographical information on his mother, Noêmia, a strong woman who, after her husband’s death, had to work hard to make ends meet and to put up with the escapades of her teenage son, a budding genius discovering music and striving for personal freedom; (5) the many addresses of Villa-Lobos, who late in life liked to say he had in fact three: Rio de Janeiro, the airplane, and Paris; (6) the school training of a self-taught musical genius; (7) his travels, his fantasies, and his wit.