Poema singelo

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This short piano piece was dedicated to Mindinha.

Listen to Sonia Rubinsky play Poema singelo at Mbaraka Músicas (click on Villa-Lobos: Brincando seriamente com piano)  

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Piano Works

Written in 1938, according to Appleby (1988), but in 1942, according to Villa-Lobos: Sua Obra (1989).


Villa-Lobos, Heitor. 1948. Poema singelo = Simple song, for piano. New York: Consolidated Music Publishers.

Poema singelo is most easily found in The Piano Music Of Heitor Villa-Lobos: (MFM 62) which is available at Amazon.com, and most other online bookstores.


The premiere was by Jose Vieira Brandao, in 1943.