• In Brazil, until the second trip to Paris in December 1926.
  • Villa-Lobos stays at the Guinle family apartment at 11 Place St. Michel.


  • Choros #10.  Written in Rio in 1926, and first performed on November 11, 1926 at the Teatro Lirico in that city, with Villa-Lobos conducting the Grande Orquestra da Empresa Viggiani.  Published by Max Eschig in 1928. 
  • Choros #4 (Max Eschig), for 3 tumpets and trombone.  Dedicated to Dr. Carlos Guinle.  The first performance was in Paris in October 1927.
  • Choros #6 (Max Eschig).  Dedicated to Arminda Neves d'Almeida.  The first performance was not until July 18, 1942.
  • Cirandas, piano (Napoleao)
  • Filhas de Maria
  • Rudepoema
  • Prole do Bébé, third series for piano (Score is lost)
  • Vira

The World

  • Futurist Filippo Tommaso Marinetti visits Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo - see Schnapp & Rocha (1966), "Brazilian Volocities: On Marinetti's 1926 trip to South America," South Central Review, 13.2-3, pp. 105-56.  Villa-Lobos attended the Rio de Janeiro-to-Sao Paulo send-off for the Marinettis on May 22, 1926.

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