• Villa in Paris.
  • On March 14, Villa-Lobos, Varèse and Marcel Mihalovici appear together as composer-conductors. The concert includes Varese's Offrandes and Octandre.
  • "At the end of yesterday’s concert, ‘chez Lamoureux,’ certain virtuosos of the whistle, endowed with uncommon pulmonary vigor, showed their disgust for the Choros of M. Villa-Lobos. What a tumult… For a quarter hour, members of the audience bellowed invective at one another…"
— Vasco Mariz quotes a 1930 Parisian review, in his book Heitor Villa-Lobos: Life and Work of the Brazilian Composer, Brazilian American Cultural Institute, 1970, p. 20.


The World
  • The 1930 Revolution in Brazil puts Getúlio Vargas at the head of the Brazilian government on Oct. 24.  

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