Steve Griggs' Canção Carioca: Song from Rio

03/03/2010 - 19:30
USA: Seattle WA
Work Performed: 
Ciclo Brasileiro
Suite floral
Bachianas Brasileiras #4
Brinqueda da Roda

Steve Griggs Ensemble plays Canção Carioca: Song from Rio Wednesday, March 3 at the Good Shepherd Center Chapel

Celebrating the 113th birthday of Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos, this concert is a journey through Rio de Janeiro's musical history - from Ernesto Nazareth's tangos, to concert music by Villa-Lobos, to the cool urban pop of Antonio Carlos Jobim's bossa nova. Each of these composers declared their love for Rio through not only words but melodies, rhythms, and harmonies. The concert will also include composers who, while not natives of Rio, were so moved by the city's sounds and feelings that they let Rio speak through their work. Steve Griggs has reinterpreted these works for a small chamber jazz ensemble of guitar, saxophone, French horn, cello, vibraphone, bass and percussion. Steve's previous concert of Villa-Lobos music in November 2009 sold out in advance. The Villa-Lobos Museum in Rio heard a recording of Steve's first Villa-Lobos concert and is enthusiastic about supporting his future research and projects. Read and hear more about this project at

The concert is 7:30-10:00pm and the venue is located at 4649 Sunnyside Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98103. Doors open at 7:00pm.

Advance tickets are $15 at and $20 at the door. All tickets are general seating.

Musical Program

1. Carioca (1913)-Ernesto Nazareth
2. Odeon (1910)-Ernesto Nazareth

Saudades do Brazil Recollections of Brazil (1921)-Darius Milhaud

3. Corcovado Hunchback

Suite Floral-Villa-Lobos

4. Idilio na Rede Daydreaming in a Hammock (1917)
5. Uma Camponesa Cantandeira Singing Country Girl (1916)

Ciclo Brasileiras Brazilian Cycle (1936)-Villa-Lobos

6. Plantio da Caboclo Planting of the Indians
7. Impressoes Seresteiras Minstrel Impressions

Brinqueda da Roda -Villa-Lobos

8. Tira o Seu Pesinho Put Your Little Foot Out (1955)


9. Imagina (1945)-Antonio Carlos Jobim
10. Corcovado (1960)-Antonio Carlos Jobim
11. Cantiga para Meu Pai Song for My Father (1964)-Horace Silver
12. Doringo (1983)-Steve Griggs
13. Chromatic Carioca (1998)- Steve Griggs
14. Old Wave (2001)- Steve Griggs

Bachianas Brasileiras #4-Villa-Lobos

15. Introducao Prelude (1941)
16. Cantao do Sertao Song of the Jungle (1941)
17. Bye, Bye, Brazil-Chico Buarque & Roberto Menescal