• Villa-Lobos and his wife Lucilia visit "Aunt Fifina", Villa's aunt Leopoldina do Amaral, in Nova Friburgo for a holiday.  A number of works (piano pieces and the first Piano Trio) were presented there, and the First String Quartet was written on Villa's 28th birthday, March 5, 1915.
  • On November 13, Villa's music is featured in a series of concerts at the Jornal de Comercio hall. Included in the series were Piano Trio #1, Cello Sonata #2, Waltz Scherzo for piano, Berceuse for Cello & Piano.
  • Villa begins his feud with music critic Oscar Guanabarino, which lasts until the latter's death in 1936.


The World

  • Birth of Orson Welles, Frank Sinatra
  • Death of Alexander Scriabin

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