Brazil (Cello Octet Conjunto Ibérico)


Cello Octet Conjunto Ibérico (now called the Cello Octet Amsterdam)

Elias Arizcuren, conductor
Pilar Jurado, soprano


Brazil cover

Date Recorded: 
Channel Classics

This disc is now unfortunately listed in as "discontinued by the manufacturer."  It's still available from as an MP3 album, and may be available from other online sources or CD stores.

It contains BB#1 and BB#5, along with very interesting works by Marlos Nobre.

Bachianas Brasileiras
Chamber Music
Vocal Music

From the Cello Octet Amsterdam website :

"… The Octet's playing is extremely colourful and precise, the expression of the dynamics goes hand in-glove with the poetical nature of Villa-Lobos'music. In the compositions of Marlos Nobre, all of them dedicated to the Octet, a true miracle comes about: an irresistible sensuality and an obsessive rhythm merge into a grandiose unity; classical and Brazilian influences are perfectly in balance." (E.K., Luister, Amsterdam)

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